How to book & General Conditions

  • The reservation can be made by transferring a refundable deposit to one of the accounts below. Please make sure that you transfer the right account for the right house, and that you transfer the right amount. The deposit is either 600 euros (room with shared shower) or 700 euros (executive room/studio) as indicated in the pricing information of each building. If you are not sure please contact the housing manager.
  • If you decide to make a reservation, please contact the housing manager (see Contact) so double-booking can be prevented. A reservation will only be valid after you receive a confirmation by email.
  • Rent is payable by the 3rd of each month. Late payment could result in the lock being blocked by the system and will generate a 20 € late payment fee, to cover the reissue of a new key card and the unblocking of the lock.
  • We normally rent for full months from the 1st to the 30/31st of the month, with one month minimum. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis in function of availability, in which case a weekly or daily fee will be applied.
  • Likewise, early arrival (for instance from the 25 th of the previous month) or late departures (for example on the 2nd of the following month) can be arranged according to availability, in which case a weekly or daily fee will be applied.
  • Weekly fee for all rooms (according to availability) : one third of a one-month rental.
  • In case of cancellation prior to arrival : until one month before arrival, half a month rent (based on the one-month rental fee) will be retained as a cancellation charge.
  • Between one month (30 days) and the day of arrival : one month will be retained as a cancellation charge
  • In case of a cancellation within 7 days of moving in : one month rent will be retained as a cancellation charge (based on the one-month rental fee), plus the applicable daily or weekly fee according to the actual number of nights spent in the accommodation.
  • In case of early departure (breach of contract) one and a half months rent will be retained as a cancellation charge (based on the one-month rental fee) plus the rent for the current month, regardless of the amount of weeks/days already spent on the premises.
  • Standard rental contract (with room description) to be signed at arrival. It is not possible to change the terms of the contract unless the housing manager agrees in writing.
  • Keys are given on arrival (room key or key card, front door, and if needed a shower key) provided we have received the deposit and the first month rent in full, either on arrival, by bank transfer or by credit card prior to arrival.
  • Please confirm your approximate arrival time by email or sms / phone (see Contact) so that we can arrange to meet you when you arrive. If you fail to arrive on time and do not let us know in advance at least 2 hours before the expected arrival time, a fee of up to 20€ may be applied to cover time and transportation charge for any subsequent appointment.
  • Arrivals during weekends are possible, but you will have to notify the housing manager at least one week in advance. You will then be given the keys and shown into your room, but the contract and rent will be arranged the first weekday after your arrival. Week-end or late arrivals (after 8 pm) are subject to a 20€ surcharge, except if the 1st of the month falls during that week-end.
  • The housing manager is available on weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM. In case of an emergency please send an sms or leave a voice message. It will be acknowledged as soon as possible.
  • On departure your room will be checked to see if everything is in order. Any damage will be deducted from the deposit. However, if you wish to depart during the weekend the housing manager will then check the room the following weekday
  • Deposits are not returned in cash. Please provide us with your account number (iban and BIC if it is a foreign account), and your deposit will then be transferred back into this account.
  • Bank charges :
    • The rents and deposits must be received in full, without any bank charges deducted. Bank charges, if any, have to be paid by the tenants.
    • There is no charge for payments made by credit card, nor usually for European bank transfer.
    • There is no charge for the return of a deposit to a European account number (Iban). There will be a minimum 15€ charge to cover bank fees for any refund or transfer made to a bank account outside of the EU.

Account Numbers:

Housing addressRue de la Constitution 31
Rue John Waterloo Wilson 26
Rue John Waterloo Wilson 58
Rue Traversière 23
Rue de la Constitution 24
Avenue Brabançonne 78
Rue Lens 12
Rue de la Poste 134
Account nameLVI 28 rue JW Wilson 1000 Brussels, BelgiumA Bertholet 28 rue JW Wilson 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Account number and BICiban BE61-732664-5339-17
iban BE74 732664222507
From a Belgian account732-6645339-17 (12 figures)732-6642225-07 (12 figures)
Bank addressCBC Bank
rue de Bruxelles, 120
5000 Namur
CBC Bank
rue de Bruxelles, 120
5000 Namur